Cornerstone Christmas

Christmas at Cornerstone.

Christmas is coming for those who have little.  We would like provide stockings with the items below.  If you can donate even $5 and we will buy the items and put the stockings together.  I will post pictures and follow up here and on Facebook.  Please let me know if you can help, I am coordinating the donations outside of the Cornerstone site.

Make them age specific and perhaps gender neutral as well as providing a few extra in the event we have new students. For example, we would need:
10 stockings for infants
30 for toddlers
25 for preschoolers

Besides toys, we would like something hygiene related in each stocking. For example, a child’s size tooth brush and toothpaste, a child’s themed washcloth, etc.  Small hard or plastic (water resistant) books are good as well.

If you have questions please message me on Facebook and I will be happy to answer them.

Cornerstone Family Ministries

Cornerstone Mission in Tampa


Life on Life

Great new initiative by LIFE Leadership.


The Life on Life Initiative is a Life Leadership sponsored program dedicated to helping people gain FUNCTIONAL FREEDOM through literacy and other necessary life skills. It involves three levels of contribution from both corporate employees and Life Members. 1) financial contribution 2) awareness campaigns, and 3) “life on life” volunteerism where we give of our time directly to those in need.

See the rest at Life on Life


Financial Fitness

ffbannerYou have the power to improve your finances, develop financial fitness, and positively impact the lives of those in your community and nation. and the time to take action is now. Below is a sample of the 47 Financial Fitness Principles:

Principle 2

Money is a gift. It has a specific use. this means that you have a stewardship. You are to use your money for something that matters, for your family and beyond.

Principle 11

Never sacrifice principles for money or possessions. Be honest. Keep your integrity. Keep your priorities in the right order.

Principle 21

Put some money into preparing for a worst-case scenario. Don’t be fanatical about this, but don’t ignore it either.

Principle 31

Teach your children and youth the principles of financial fitness. Set the example for them. Mentoring them will help you as well as them.

Principle 42

Studying and understanding free enterprise is an essential part of financial fitness.

True Financial Fitness Begins Now!

What is required is an understanding of the principles behind the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance.


  • Why you need to have a long-term vision
  • Harnessing the power of compounding to work for you instead of against you
  • Why investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make


  • The habits of saving and budgeting
  • The benefits of practicing delayed gratification
  • A strategic plan to get out of debt


  • The history of money
  • How inflation works
  • How to rate your nation’s economy

What You Will Get:

A Financial Education that involves budgeting, roll-down reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, teaching on how to arrange your money into a hierarchy, and even learn how your nation’s monetary policy affects your money.

For only $99.99 you will get all of the following:

  • Financial Fitness: The Offense, Defense and Playing Field of Personal Finance in hardcover.
  • Financial Fitness Workbook
  • 8 Information Packed CDs
  • A Financial Fitness Decal

Point Man – How a man can lead his family

Reading a great book by Steve Farrar titled “Point Man”.  In a section he talks about Satan’s two specific ways of waging war on the family.  Strategy #1 To effectively alienate and sever a husband’s relationship with his wife.  This can be either physical or emotional.  Strategy #2 To effectively alienate and sever a father’s relationship with his children.  Again either physically or emotionally.   We see this on a daily basis around us and for some, in their family or extended family.  Here are a few statistics that show how important a Godly husband and father is to the family.

  • One out two marriages end in divorce
  • The median age for divorce is thirty-four for men and thirty for women
  • In 1960, one out of every ten households was maintained by a woman with no husband present; in 1996, two out of every five households was maintained by a woman with no husband present.
  • Tonight, enough teenagers to fill the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the average Super Bowl will practice prostitution to support drug addictions.
  • One million teenage girls will get pregnant out of wedlock this year.
  • Five hundred thousand of those girls will abort their babies.
  • Of all the fourteen-year-old girls alive today, 40 percent will become pregnant by their nineteenth birthday.
  • Sixty percent of all church-involved teenagers are sexually active.
  • Every seventy-eight seconds, a teenager in America attempts suicide.

I am not writing this to bring everyone down.  This is an example of how import we are men, to society through our effect on our family.  Men, we need step up and be the example for our wives and children.  If you didn’t have a great example as a father I’m sorry but you break the cycle of dysfunction.  I suggest  finding a mentor, someone who has the the kind of family you want yours to be.  Second read, read, and read.  Start with this book, I would also recommend the Bible.  Regardless of what modern society says the principles in there are as current today as they were when it was written.  Third, forgive yourself, you can not change what happened in the past.  If you have suffered one or all of these statistics all you can do is forgive yourself and then ask those involved to forgive you.  Then, ask God for help and resolve to grow yourself and be the example you would be proud of.   I’m no expert or have any plaques of certification on the wall in this area.  I’ve been married for almost 20 years, have 3 children and pray daily that I can be the husband and father they deserve, knowing that many times I fall short.  My goal is to lift up the men striving to be the example and encourage all men that God has put the seeds of greatness in you.   You have what it takes to lead your family, it is not only critical to your families but our country.

God Bless.

Mental Fitness Challenge

Taking the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge!  Awesome, Awesome information.  I believe this is an absolute phenomenal place for anyone to start their self-education and self-improvement journey.  This program will not only point out the areas of weakness in one’s life but also start them on the proper trail of habits to grow personally.  Please review the post by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady regarding the Mental Fitness Challenge.  I highly recommend taking the 7 day Free Challenge and get a taste of the information.  If your brave enough to do that I believe you want to buckle up for the full 90 days.

God Bless and Lead On.

Monumental, In Search of America’s National Treasure.

Looks like a great movie one night event.

Chris Brady’s “Tearing Down the Play Set”

Please take the time to read Chris’s post.  Tearing Down the Play Set.

It is so relevant to whats going on in our society today.  Just recently my 14 year old son came home from school, physically upset, over the family struggles of several of his friends.  He said, Dad it seems all my friends parents are divorced or separated.  I probably don’t thank the Lord as much as I should that I have loving wife willing to grow and improve our marriage constantly.    In fact most of the time I have to study just to catch up to her.  It is something I never want to take for granted.  Thanks to our Mentors, LIFE, our own resolve, and our faith, our marriage is always growing.  In our “fast food” have it now society fewer people are willing to put in the work to improve their marriage.  Unfortunately the divorce rate is not drastically different in our Churches today, but that is a whole different post.  I have seen it explained this way and personally believe it to be true. 

As a husband and wife grow closer to God they grow closer to each another.  I hope and pray that more people will decide to “get better” than to “get out”.

God Bless and Lead On.