Cornerstone Christmas

Christmas at Cornerstone.

Christmas is coming for those who have little.  We would like provide stockings with the items below.  If you can donate even $5 and we will buy the items and put the stockings together.  I will post pictures and follow up here and on Facebook.  Please let me know if you can help, I am coordinating the donations outside of the Cornerstone site.

Make them age specific and perhaps gender neutral as well as providing a few extra in the event we have new students. For example, we would need:
10 stockings for infants
30 for toddlers
25 for preschoolers

Besides toys, we would like something hygiene related in each stocking. For example, a child’s size tooth brush and toothpaste, a child’s themed washcloth, etc.  Small hard or plastic (water resistant) books are good as well.

If you have questions please message me on Facebook and I will be happy to answer them.

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