Chris Brady’s “Tearing Down the Play Set”

Please take the time to read Chris’s post.  Tearing Down the Play Set.

It is so relevant to whats going on in our society today.  Just recently my 14 year old son came home from school, physically upset, over the family struggles of several of his friends.  He said, Dad it seems all my friends parents are divorced or separated.  I probably don’t thank the Lord as much as I should that I have loving wife willing to grow and improve our marriage constantly.    In fact most of the time I have to study just to catch up to her.  It is something I never want to take for granted.  Thanks to our Mentors, LIFE, our own resolve, and our faith, our marriage is always growing.  In our “fast food” have it now society fewer people are willing to put in the work to improve their marriage.  Unfortunately the divorce rate is not drastically different in our Churches today, but that is a whole different post.  I have seen it explained this way and personally believe it to be true. 

As a husband and wife grow closer to God they grow closer to each another.  I hope and pray that more people will decide to “get better” than to “get out”.

God Bless and Lead On.

3 Responses to “Chris Brady’s “Tearing Down the Play Set””

  1. Carissa Says:

    Amazing post so well said

  2. Terry Franks Says:

    Great post on what it takes to grow one’s marriage. I have had the privilege of watching you and Carissa grow your relationship to what it is today. Their is nothing more valuable to your children than to see a husband and wife loving each other. Ann and I are very proud of you both.

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