The IAB Small Business Awards recognizes and awards businesses who achieve both qualitative and quantitave results in their organization.  The leadership award is the highest award given among all 10 categories.  This award applies to ones own leadership principals and how they help develop and influence successful leaders throughout American businesses.

Who is the International Association of Business (IAB)?

The IAB is a million plus member nonprofit organization, helping American small businesses start, grow and effectively create jobs in the US. President Shane Madigan shares the vision of the IAB:

“This is the dawn of a new generation in America.  It is a time of tremendous growth, innovation and communication of American entrepreneurs and the Association.  For nearly three decades, IAB has created and navigated innovative solutions that provide basic protections for small business owners, the self employed and their families.  The innovation, vision and leadership of our founder, Mr. James C. Wood, is unprecedented.  Mr. Wood has redefined innovation in the Association industry. IAB remains a center of education and access to membership benefits that helps independent business owners and the self employed prosper with abundance in this new age of entrepreneurship.”

Who were the contenders for the 2011 Leadership Award?

Jim Collins, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Jack Welch, Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Marshall Goldsmith, andTom Peters.

Congratulations Mr WOODWARD.


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