Plan Do Check and Adjust, Leadership, Mentorship.

Two great articles posted by ORRIN WOODWARD and TERRY FRANKS on Plan Do Check and Adjust.  The Deming Cycle of Plan Do Check (Study) and Act (Adjust) is a great model to be used in all areas of life.  Whether it be in the “8 F’s” Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Freedom, Following, Friends, and Fun, or anything you undertake in life PDCA is a good plan.

So many people skip the Plan, and jump straight to the Do, and then forget to evaluate the Check.  I believe another area people miss in the process is a proper evaluation in the Check step.  I think the biggest problem is many times this step requires the inspection of an independent party and hopefully a mentor.  We can be so close to the process we can not objectively evaluate our process.  Areas such as self-improvement can be so personal that only others or a mentor can help with the Check process.

Click on Orrin and Terry’s name above for more information on the PDCA.

God Bless and Lead On.

One Response to “Plan Do Check and Adjust, Leadership, Mentorship.”

  1. Carissa Says:

    This Process of securing improvement ensures forward Quality Success. Thanks Orrin, Terry and Eric for this post my life would not be the same without this process in areas of my life, faith family, finance, fun (yes fun can even be a learning experience) , friends, freedom, following, and fitness.
    God Bless and Lead on….so proud to part of this revolution

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