What we all want in LIFE is a shot.

This story about Jason McElwain is five years old but I remember it like it was yesterday.   Every time I watch the video I get choked up.  It is truly a made for Disney script.  An autistic boy who didn’t see himself as different from anyone else, he was as excited to be team manager as he would have been to be a player.  Finally as a senior and on senior night J. Mac was put into the game and the rest only the video can do justice.

In an article Jason’s father said that Jason was not afraid of failure like other kids, a result of his autism.  Just think what heights we could all reach if we were just a little less afraid of failure.

God Bless and Lead On.

One Response to “What we all want in LIFE is a shot.”

  1. Carissa Stone Says:

    Fail forward…. but never give up
    Persevere with courage…… but never give up
    God honors commitment just never give up….that is an amazing blog on LIFE’s shot at greatness a result of Courage.
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story.

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